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We are an organically grown and slowly evolving group of people living in and around Stony Stratford in North Buckinghamshire, UK, who like to:

  • cover our faces in white make-up;
  • dress up in old clothes with coloured ribbons stitched to them;
  • wear funny hats;
  • carry exotic props;
  • enact strange plays in streets and in pubs whether or not people pay any attention (usually they do, however hard they resist at first);
  • process to folk tunes from our own Mummers Band, which consists of at least some of the following: concertina, melodian, violin, drum, penny whistle, mandocello,
    recorder …;
  • sing folk songs ‘a capella’, or accompanied by the Band;
  • dance the odd dance – mainly molly dances before and/or after our play;
  • collect money for local and national charities;
  • believe we are keeping an old tradition alive to enrich our present days.

Strangely enough, we’ve been allowed to carry on doing this ever since 1973.

To find out more about us and what we get up to, have a look at the other pages on this site.

Performing for charity since 1973


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